6 reasons to buy online

6 reasons to buy online

Each year that passes, the trend becomes more unstoppable: online shopping is the favorite of Europeans. According to Eurostat, 68% of Internet users in the EU made some purchases online in 2017.

No one will be surprised to read that people between 25-34 years are the most active in terms of online shopping (77% of them do). However, it is curious to see how this same figure varies from one country to another: 23% in Romania, 86% in the United Kingdom.

If you have already formed a family, there are many reasons why you can shop online, if you have not already done so. From Ferratum we give you six:


1. It is more comfortable

<strong>1. It is more comfortable</strong>

For a young family with a baby, there is nothing more important than spending time with your newborn. Raising a newborn is not easy, and finding the time to take care of your family and at the same time be aware of housework, even less. Make the purchase, put washing machines or cook become mission impossible. And this is where the convenience of online shopping makes its appearance.

The possibility of buying online whenever and wherever without having to leave home is one of the greatest advantages that this system has brought us. The online stores make us more and more lazy to leave the house to the supermarket or the shopping center.


2. You save time

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The time is gold. It is our most valuable resource, and there is no better use than using it with your baby. As parents, the day does not have enough hours to do everything, besides taking care of the child.

When you buy online, you save time and energy that you can then use in what is truly important.


3. You find everything you need

<strong>3. You find everything you need</strong>



It does not matter what you need: it is on the internet. Whatever. There are online stores for all tastes and needs, from generalists to more niche products.

With few exceptions, when buying online you are not usually conditioned by availability in this or that store, the exact size or model search. There is nothing more frustrating than going through the entire mall and then realizing that they do not have what you need.


4. You save money



Beyond comfort, low prices are also one of the attractions of shopping online. Since e-commerce does not need to have a physical store, they save that expense and can afford to lower the prices of their products.

So, most of the time, if you search patiently, you can find the same product as in the supermarket but at a considerably lower price.


5. It is safe and reliable

Image result for reliableOf course, there is always the risk of online fraud and cyber attacks, but the reality is that online stores are increasingly striving to prevent this from happening, protecting the security of our operations with new measures.


For our part, a few simple measures are enough to rule out the vast majority of threats: buying only from vendors you trust, being jealous with your payment information and not using a public computer can save you headaches. This Carcare4usgirls article can also help you to find loans.

6. There are special offers


As if the low prices were not enough reason to adore online shopping, many stores offer special discounts: if you make a purchase of more than a certain amount, they give you the shipping costs or give you a free product.